A little something about us!!

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A little about us for you......
Janel was born and raised in Moose Jaw SK and moved to Coronach in 1997 to be with her husband ,a local farmer and coal miner ,together they farm ,raise two kids and a basset hound .Janel works part time at the local Health Centre and spends her free time (HAHA ) in a gym watching her kids sports or reading a book 📖
Courtney was born and raised in Willow bunch SK , she spent a few years away at school earning her profession cooking diploma from SIAST before coming home and settling down with her husband a local farmer ,together they have four kids and MANY cats !! Courtney has no free time LOL (see the above note 4 Kids 😳) but when she can she spends her free time with a book or with her friends 🙂

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