How do you choose products?

Janel Korbo

 Before we opened the doors We promised each other to try anything once , to agree that we each had the right to say no to something at any time with no hard feelings , and to acknowledge that we would both make mistakes along the way .We have brought in items we thought everyone would love and watched them sit on the shelf for months , we have brought in clothes we thought we would never sell and sold them all in the first week 🤷🏼‍♀️Choosing clothes is Hard , it can be hard when dressing yourself and its even harder when you are trying to dress others ! We have found some great companies that consistently put out amazing designs we love ,And slowly but surely we are getting better at choosing items that sell instead of sit ...and thankfully we are both comfortable laughing at our mistakes :) A lot of times when we add an item to our cart we have a specific customer in mind and when something catches our eye we ask ourselves who do I think will wear this ? And we celebrate a little bit every time we get it right and a Person we pictured in a certain top or outfit actually buys it .We knew customer feedback would be essential but I don’t think we realized how much our customers would  be our teachers . I’m not sure we say Thank you enough to them not only when they buy something but also when they just stop in and comment and look and suggest .So thank you 😊 #learningandgrowingtogether 

PS going to add some behind the scenes pics for you of our late night ordering snaps Janel and Courtney