Our First Time

Janel Korbo
Our first blog post ....This should be interesting 😬Courtney is the more outgoing of the two of us , but she doesn’t enjoy pen and paper so much , Janel is great at writing To Do lists but a blog ...That’s a stretch! as with all things involved in our little adventure between the two of us we somehow figure it out and get it done .We can’t promise to be always updating these posts .Especially as we get into basketball season HAHA but we can promise to randomly add info  on our new arrivals and our ups and downs as we try new things and learn new skills .The biggest thing on our list right now is taking all the feedback from customers ,friends ,and total strangers on the internet (sorry Mom) and revamping the website ,Courtney is figuring out nesting menus , we are both working on better product descriptions and pictures .And we are updating some boring stuff like policy .....Even though Courtney promised Janel she would never have to have a policy manual at the store LOL