Small Idea, Big Dream!

Posted by Janel Korbo on

Our adventure into retail started with coffee and a conversation about what we wanted to see in Coronach .Our community is facing some major changes and a lot of uncertainty as the major employers in town A coal mine and the coal fired power plant face closure under the new climate change legislation . We decided we wanted to focus on a beginning as we face the possible endings of our mine and plant .We opened our brick and mortar store in March of 2019’with zero experience some major stress and a lot of coffee and laughter 😜 We both wanted to focus on bringing in items not currently available in Town and we really wanted to see our Main Street come alive again !! We helped plan the first ever Coronach street market in August of 2019 with major plans to expand in 2020 , We both wanted to be able to donate to and support as many local fundraisers and projects As we could , sometimes small things grow into big things ,and while we can’t control what happens with our Major employers in town we can control our little piece of main st and hope that our small store grows into a big store with the addition of our website

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