Black Maple

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 A combination of sweet and salty with maple to create an amazing taste sensation. This one of a kind blend of soy sauce, sugar, sweet chilli, and maple flavouring is practically addicting. 

Ingredients: sugar, soya sauce, sweet chili sauce, water butter(milk), imitation flavour, corn starch, spice
Note: Most soya sauce contains wheat/gluten, contact us for a custom made gluten free version.

Popular Uses:

  • on/in a burger (beef, bison, chicken) paired with optional mozzarella cheese, bacon, teriyaki sauce, fried mushrooms and fries onions.
  • on wings
  • as a dip for dry ribs and chicken fingers
  • in a stir fry combine with oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce and soy sauce and mix in with your stir fried beef, chicken, pork or vegetables
  • on rice or noodles
  • grilled on the BBQ with chicken
  • marinade for salmon or other meats (for at least 2 hours, (mix 1/3 cup black maple sauce with 1/3 cup water, ¼ cup oil and 1 tsp crushed garlic), then grill or bake) 

TIPS: For a honey-garlic style twist add a touch of crushed garlic (1/4 tsp per tbsp. of sauce) , for a little more heat mix with sweet chilli sauce or hot sauce

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