Bread Warmer

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Product description

For best results, simply heat the ceramic tile in your oven, toaster, or barbecue. Set the heated tile in a cloth-lined basket or dish, placing your warmed bread or buns on top, and cover with cloth.


Oven: Bread Warmer may be placed in a heated oven at 250-350 degrees for about 10 minutes.


Toaster: Your Bread Warmer may be heated in a normal toaster.


Barbecue: You can place the Bread Warmer tile on the grill in your barbecue and heat for about 10 minutes.

\nWarning: To be safe, always handle the heated Bread Warmer carefully with tongs, pot holder, or oven mitts. It is not advisable to heat the JBK Bread Warmer in the microwave. \n

Care: If your Bread Warmer becomes soiled, it can be washed by hand, or run through a high temperature cleaning cycle in your oven.


Hint: More than one Bread Warmer can be used for larger dishes or baskets of baking.

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