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The Rada Grapefruit Knife is your ticket to perfect cuts of grapefruit and oranges!

This grapefruit knife is specially designed to make peeling and cutting grapefruit a snap. It features a serrated edge top and bottom so you can cut the grapefruit to the left or right. The tip is angled and the blade is both double-sided and serrated with small teeth, which allows you to easily separate the individual grapefruit segments. You’ll have no further use for a grapefruit spoon once you give this fruit knife a try.

Don’t let the name fool you; the Grapefruit Knife is equally useful with oranges and similar citrus fruits! If you eat such foods even on occasion, this knife is a must-buy, and those who’ve tried it agree.

“I love red grapefruit and big, sweet oranges, but really hate to peel them, especially if I have to fight to separate the peel from the pulp -- which is the only part I want to eat. I can see why they give it a lifetime guarantee: The blade is thick and sturdy-looking and cuts like a dream,” raved one happy Grapefruit Knife user. “I expect to get many years of good use from this knife and consider it a great bargain!”

“Love this thing. Works like a charm and doesn't mangle my grapefruit. May give as gifts to family members similarly afflicted with a grapefruit addiction,” said another.

My kids sold Rada cutlery as a fundraiser years ago and so I have a bunch of their knives, which by the way, still hold an edge and are my favorite go-to knives. I love grapefruit, so when I saw they made a grapefruit knife, I got one. It's the perfect knife for cutting a grapefruit! I wouldn't be without it,” wrote a home cook in a 5-star Amazon review. “Since purchasing mine, I have bought more to give as gifts. People love them! Actually, the breakfast set with the bagel knife, grapefruit knife, and spreader are a great set. All useful, and these knives hold their edges as well as any (regardless of price) in my kitchen. Love Rada cutlery and it is affordable!”

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