Adult Unisex Animal Onesie Pajamas - Rasta Lion

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Great gift idea and halloween costume.These beautiful and unique animal pajamas are not only great for halloween and it is of course suitable for all costume parties and events.So fun and comfy even on a regular daily bases. 100% flannel fabrics very durable and easy to maintain. Zipper jammies make it easy to take it on and off.Pocket design for carrying your phone,keys or wallet. 


toddlers ages 1-2

youth /Adult small will fit those 4’11” -5’5”

adult medium for those 5’-5’11”

Adults large"size for those 6 feet tall and beyond or over 250

3-6 Years old will fit the most kids in between these ages.

7-10 Years old size will perfectly fit your same age kids as well.

CARE: All of our Jammies are machine washable with cold water.High quality fiber used in manufacture and can stand repeated cleaning without losing their shape.NO SHRINKING or FADING.Lay to dry Please.

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Youth/Adult small
Adult medium
Childrens 3-5
Childrens 5-10