Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce

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This Kentucky Bourbon sauce made with Jim Beam® Bourbon, will be your new favourite BBQ sauce in no time. Combining brown sugar, bourbon, soy sauce and a number of specifically chosen ingredients, brews up a taste sensation like no other. 

Ingredients: ketchup, sugar, Jim Beam ® kentucky bourbon, soya sauce, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, mustard, spice
Note: Most soya sauce contains wheat/gluten, and often those intolerant to gluten are also intolerant to bourbon. 

Popular Uses:

  • on/in a burger (beef, bison, chicken) paired with optional cheddar or havarti, red onions and pickles.
  • on wings
  • on slow roasted or BBQ’d ribs or chicken combine with your favourite bbq sauce or brush on alone
  • as a dip for dry ribs, chicken fingers and more
  • on your steak or use instead of HP sauce as a dip
  • drizzled on mac ‘n’ cheese instead of ketchup
  • in a grilled cheese for a deluxe style grilled cheese
  • on a BBQ chicken salad paired with ranch dressing

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