Miracle Noodle (ready to eat meals)

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This vegan version of the staple of Vietnamese cuisine makes

for a flavorful meal which combines the comforting warmth
of a uniquely aromatic vegan broth with our pre-cooked
shirataki noodles. Enjoy the flavors of Vietnam, guilt-free.


Pad Thai: 

Our Vegan Pad Thai takes this classic Thai street food and makes it extra healthy by using our konjac shirataki Miracle Noodles instead of high starch noodles. Made with traditional spices of Thailand, you will feel transported to Thailand. Makes the perfect quick lunch or dinner. Enjoy guilt-free, gourmet, healthy dining in minutes!



You work hard, you deserve a night off cooking. But where can you find a delicious vegan and keto meal that is ready in seconds? Miracle Noodle has got you covered! Our unique blend of konjac noodles in our gluten-free teriyaki sauce is to-die-for! Ready in minutes with just 3g of net carbs and 45 calories per serving, these noodles are a necessity. Grain-free and keto-friendly, finding a ready-to-eat meal that fits your diet has never been easier.

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