TorchBearer Sauces - Best Sellers 8 Pack

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The perfect way to try some of our most popular sauces of all time is here! Our new 8 packs feature sauces from no heat to extreme in fun 1.75oz bottles perfect for gifting or on-the-go saucing. This year's version contains... Zombie Apocalypse (super hot ghost pepper hot sauce), Son of Zombie (hot and sweet wing sauce), Smoky Horseradish (medium heat horseradish and garlic sauce), Psycho Curry (Indian-style, medium heat garlic curry), Pineapple Papaya BBQ (Sweet and fruity mild BBQ), Garlic Reaper (One of our hottest, Carolina Reaper and Garlic hot sauce), Oh My Garlic (Completely mild garlic aioli), and Chipotle BBQ (spicy, sweet, and smokey BBQ).

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